Dorn-Breuss therapy in Switzerland

Dorn-Breuss therapy

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Massage Praxis Samuel Büchel

Dorn-Breuss therapy            
Thunstrasse 2, 3700 Spiez   Münsingen   Bern
+41793141126      Phone   
Rosemary Schmidli Gesundheitspraxis

Dorn-Breuss therapy            
Mittlerhusweg 12, 6010   Kriens   Luzern
+41413220088      Phone   

Dorn-Breuss therapy            
Hubstrasse 37, 9500 SG   Wil   Sankt Gallen
+41765725993      Phone   
Lerch Anita

Dorn-Breuss therapy            
Malzgasse 10, 4052   Basel   BS
+41616811818      Phone   
Künzler Maya

Dorn-Breuss therapy            
Badstrasse 5, 8134   Adliswil   Zürich
+41796676208      Phone   
Laetsch Bruno

Dorn-Breuss therapy            
Winkel 3, 6460 UR   Altdorf   Uri
+41793781042      Phone   

Dorn-Breuss therapy            
Randweg 9, 3013   Bern   Bern
+41795266667      Phone   


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