Orthopedic health in Switzerland

Orthopedic health

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Blum Orthopädie AG

Orthopedic health            
Bannstrasse 2, 4622 Egerkingen   Münsingen   Bern
+41629224422      Phone   
A. Flum GmbH Orthopädie-Technik

Orthopedic health            
Feierabendstrasse 47, 4051 Basel   Allschwil   Basel
+41612623232      Phone   
Schuhe Sport - Orthopädie

Orthopedic health            
Hauptstrasse 14, 8840   Einsiedeln   Schwyz
+41554125669      Phone   
Zanini Ortopedia SA

Orthopedic health            
Via San Gottardo 24, 6600 Muralto   Ascona   Ticino
+41917431121      Phone   
Gwerder Ruedi

Orthopedic health            
Sempachstrasse 14, 6280 Hochdorf   Beromunster   Luzern
+41419101418      Phone   
Küenzi Orthopédie

Orthopedic health            
Rue des Terreaux 1, 2000 Neuchâtel   Boudry   Neuchâtel
+41327242929      Phone   

Orthopedic health            
Kloosweg 22, 2502   Biel/Bienne   Bern
+41326241155      Phone   
Renevey & Sciboz Orthopédie SA

Orthopedic health            
Rue de Locarno 3, 1700 Fribourg   Bulle   Freiburg
+41263228841      Phone   
orthorama AG

Orthopedic health            
Grundstrasse 18, 6343 Rotkreuz   Beromunster   Luzern
+41417116992      Phone   
Buchs Orthopédie

Orthopedic health            
Rue du Marché 18, 1630   Bulle   Freiburg
+41269127213      Phone   
Orthopädie Rehatech Malgaroli & Glauser AG

Orthopedic health            
Buchserstrasse 18, 5000 Aarau   Aarau   Aargau
+41628226363      Phone   
Kammer Alfred

Orthopedic health            
Hauptstrasse 17, 3752 Wimmis   Münsingen   Bern
+41336572294      Phone   

Orthopedic health            
Promenade 79, 7270 Platz   Davos   Graubünden
+41814200010      Phone   
Jutz Rudolf Technische Fussorthopädie AG

Orthopedic health            
Bankstrasse 12, 8400 Winterthur   Elgg   Zürich
+41522128987      Phone   

Orthopedic health            
Boulevard de Pérolles 24, 1700   Fribourg   Freiburg
+41263213903      Phone   
Roll-Star OrthoRehab SA

Orthopedic health            
Via Pobbia 6, 6514 Sementina   Agno   Ticino
+41918576733      Phone   
Atelier für Orthopädie Simka AG

Orthopedic health            
Kasernenstrasse 95, 7000   Chur   Graubünden
+41812536160      Phone   
Hermes GmbH

Orthopedic health            
Bielstrasse 21, 3250 Lyss   Aarberg   Bern
+41323846462      Phone   
aktivortho ag

Orthopedic health            
Römerstrasse 7, 4600 Olten   Aarburg   Aargau
+41622139090      Phone   
Bähler Orthoaktiv

Orthopedic health            
Kasernenstrasse 8, 8180 Bülach   Bulach   Zürich
+41434220770      Phone   


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