Piano tuning and repairs in Switzerland

Piano tuning and repairs

State        City             

Pianos Olivier Tille

Piano tuning and repairs            
Avenue de Jaman 3, 1814   La Tour-de-Peilz   Vaud
+41219229409      Phone   
Elmer Klavierservice

Piano tuning and repairs            
Lindenmoosstrasse 19, 8910   Affoltern am Albis   Zürich
+41794607244      Phone   
52 Blanches et 36 Noires

Piano tuning and repairs            
Rue de la Serre 5, 2300   La Chaux-de-Fonds   Neuchâtel
+41329686312      Phone   
Horak Pianos GmbH

Piano tuning and repairs            
Schlosstalstrasse 210, 8408 Winterthur   Frauenfeld   Thurgau
+41522131166      Phone   
A l'Unisson Pianos

Piano tuning and repairs            
Chemin Derrière-Sonzier 2, 1822 Chernex   Aigle   Vaud
+41792168176      Phone   
Pianohaus Stein AG

Piano tuning and repairs            
Kirchstrasse 10, 4127   Birsfelden   Basel
+41613132017      Phone   

Piano tuning and repairs            
Obere Heslibachstrasse 83, 8700 Küsnacht ZH   Kusnacht   Zürich
+41445127876      Phone   
Jourdan Pierre

Piano tuning and repairs            
Rue des Confessions 4, 1203 Genève   Geneva   Genève
+41223441370      Phone   

Piano tuning and repairs            
Rue des Chevreuils 33, 2300   La Chaux-de-Fonds   Neuchâtel
+41793213688      Phone   
Pianos Mettler

Piano tuning and repairs            
Steinrieselnstrasse 16, 9100   Herisau   Appenzell Ausserrhoden
+41713523858      Phone   
Le Clavier.ch

Piano tuning and repairs            
Rue du Simplon 25, 1880 Bex   Bulle   Freiburg
+41764145212      Phone   
Wohlfahrt Pianos & Flügel

Piano tuning and repairs            
Lengnaustrasse 8, 2540   Grenchen   Solothurn
+41326529047      Phone   
Corboz Jean

Piano tuning and repairs            
Rue de Gruyères 22, 1630 Bulle   Gruyeres   Freiburg
+41269127832      Phone   
Wilker Clemens Pianos

Piano tuning and repairs            
Mettlenweg 3, 2504   Biel/Bienne   Bern
+41792096966      Phone   
Piano Concept

Piano tuning and repairs            
Forchstrasse 113, 8032 Zürich   Zurich   Zurich
+41444009404      Phone   
Bühler Pianos Sàrl

Piano tuning and repairs            
Avenue de 62B, 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains   Grandson   Vaud
+41793628183      Phone   
Hiller Christian

Piano tuning and repairs            
Weitegasse 17, 9320   Arbon   Thurgau
+41714400213      Phone   
L' Atelier-Pianos Lagrange

Piano tuning and repairs            
Champ-au-Rey 70, 1673 Rue   Lausanne   Vaud
+41792798260      Phone   
De Giacomi Emanuele

Piano tuning and repairs            
Via del Passetto 19, 6600 Solduno   Locarno   Ticino
+41787121198      Phone   
Pianos Stern

Piano tuning and repairs            
Les Arbognes 86, 1774 Cousset   Bulle   Freiburg
+41266603866      Phone   


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