Charitable in Switzerland


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HEKS Brot für alle Geschäftsstelle Bern

Bürenstrasse 12, 3007   Bern   Bern
+41313851840      Phone   
Schweiz. Hämophilie Gesellschaft

Mühlibachstrasse 5, 9450 Altstätten SG   Altstatten   Sankt Gallen
+41449772868      Phone   
Chindernetz Kanton Bern

Pavillonweg 3, 3012   Bern   Bern
+41313002050      Phone   
Mensch-Tier-Spirits-Helvetia Tierschutzverein

Dorfstrasse 29, 8873 Amden   Glarus   Glarus
+41798193780      Phone   


Bakery pastry shop    Fishermen    Psychotherapy (Psychological psychotherapists)    Telephone systems    Concrete elements    Nail cosmetics    Comics    Generators    Day nursery    Pregnancy    Guest table    Health clinic    Building and property management    Sun protection    Rotisseries    Wood staining    Ropes    Intensive care medicine    Farm shop    Chauffeur Service    Psychopraticien    Yard equipment    Ski club    Galvanizing    Sanitary facilities    Media service    Atlaslogy    Switzerland    Etiopathy    Retirement communities    Analytic instruments    Tuning    Paper    Japanese cuisine    Market garden    Prefabrication    Medical Products    Helicopter companies    Butcher    Milk and milk products    Restaurant    Furniture removers    Student career counseling office    Glassworks    Academy    Smokers' supply    Lymphatic Drainage    Wood carving wood sculpturing    Spices    Machine construction moulding    Rubber    Investor Relations    Tobacco and tobacco items    Roman Catholic    Phytotherapy (not included in doctors category)    Semiprecious stone jewelry    Building management    Tree nursery    Mould design and construction    Petrol station shop    Wrought iron    Factory manufacturing facility    Dentist emergency service    Trauma treatment    Home    Pottery    Bookstore    Cellulite treatment    Craniosacral therapy    Oriental dance